July 06, 2017

Whenever you think of an ugly Christmas sweater, certain images will immediately pop to the top of your head: the most popular Christmas sweater designs are a big corny, over-the-top festive and generally speaking…a fashion nightmare! Against all odds, however, ugly Christmas sweaters suddenly became tremendously hip in a very ironic way. Today, they are very sought-after and people wouldn’t want to celebrate Christmas without their favorite ugly festive sweater on! How did these designs become so popular?

Believe it or not, the classic ugly Christmas sweater design was never meant to look ugly. Sometimes in the early 80s, these sweaters appeared and were often sold as “Jingle Bell Sweaters”, but it is really hard to say exactly who made them popular or who actually came up with the original style first. One thing that’s for sure is that the designer certainly wasn’t trying to make them look silly! On the contrary, whoever came up with the concept initially tried to come up with something with a lot of panache - something colorful and stylish to suit the holiday spirit. For many years, these sweaters have been a family staple: I am sure many of you will remember an uncle or grandparent wearing one of those! The fact that these designs are so cheesy and dorky is perhaps the reason why they never really had a cool vibe to it. On the other hand, “cool” people soon started to embrace the dorky side of Christmas fashion as an ironic statement. Hollywood also helped, with movies such as “The Diary of Bridget Jones” popularizing the concept and making it accessible (and appealing) to the masses. Earlier in 2002, a group in the city of Vancouver claimed that their town was actually the birthplace of the ugly sweater. Every year, the city even holds an annual Ugly Sweater Party at the Commodore Ballroom and even trademarked the terms “Ugly Christmas Sweater” and “Ugly Sweater Party” for use in Canada!

Ugly Christmas sweaters have indeed grown to become a surprisingly successful market niche - thousands upon thousands of ugly sweaters are sold every year: people go to great lengths to make sure to wow their friends with the most unique, the most quirky and the goofiest looking designs! Looking for the most particular designs has become a trendy way to look stylish during the Christmas festivities, and people aren't shy when it comes to looking for the best possible sweater to impress their peers.

Even Google, the web’s largest search engine, reported that the search for the terms “Ugly Christmas Sweater” has gone up to 30% over the last year alone. The custom ugly Christmas sweater market is also extremely popular, with people giving away Christmas sweaters with custom graphics, sentences or greetings to friends and family as a fun holiday gift.

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