The Problem with Ugly Christmas Sweaters

I know what you're thinking - isn't it supposed to be Ugly Christmas Sweaters? What's all this about Sweatshirts? Well, have you worn a sweater recently? Didn't think so. You're just like us, you know all the problems that plague even the most discerning sweater wearer:

  • Ugly Christmas Sweaters are as itchy as Clint Eastwoods trigger finger

  • To quote Marty McFly, sweaters are "Heavy"

  • Just like your yoga teacher, they stretch out, and never regain their shape / size

  • Want to destroy your sweater? Have someone hold a loose thread while you walk away (Thanks for that one, Weezer!)

  • You're going to have the dirtiest Ugly Christmas Sweater at the party, because we both know you won't wash or dry it with the special care that's needed for sweaters.

  • And for all of the problems these sweaters present, they're also Expensive!


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